Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nana The Visitor Stays

He brought home *another* dog to take up space in *my* house, and boy does she take up a lot!

She's called Nana, but I just keep teasing her with Nana nana nana boo boo, and neener neener. She doesn't care, and slobbers all over us saying hi instead. Loki kind of likes her and Fred just wants to play.

I guess she's still kind of a puppy at about a year old, but her 80 pounds and those long legs dwarfs even me, the giant mutant border collie Bonnie! Sleeps a lot, though, when she's not jumping all over us trying to say hi and play.


And again, just sprawled out right in the way....

But she does have some boo-boos on one leg, like she must've gotten scratched up by another dog, or maybe ran into something sharp, none of us can tell and she doesn't seem to care, since they're all scabbed over and healing anyway.

Master thinks they're a few days old, but he can't tell either.

They do look pretty owie, though. I don't want any like that.

I guess we're stuck with her, so I'll try to get along. If I have to.

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